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Text Polyglot Berlin Translation Service Polyglot

Their partner in the communication!
Looking for a reliable and competent translator , able to render a first class service and professional translation?

You need Polyglot ! Polyglot is a reliable competent and professional language service partner for many companies. We offer the unprecedented price/quality ratio . Polyglot is glad to assist you in establishing and development of your business contacts in the country and abroad!

Polyglot can translate brochures, advertising materials, agreements, web-sites, manuals, catalogues, software or correspondence for your clients or foreign partners.

Our experienced personnel (all native speakers) are always ready to be your partner in the international network and they are interested in quick high quality translation into nearly all languages themselves.

We are glad to give you our free proposal! Just send us the text for translation and wait for our call! We contact you with our great proposal as soon as possible

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Quality Speed Favourable prices
We precisely convey the meaning of source text preserving the author’s style We handle orders in the shortest time (up to 150 pages a day) We offer highly competitive prices maintaining top quality of translations
Customer service Professionalism Punctuality
Our customer-friendly employees will consult you on any matter

It takes more than a fluent language speaker or even a linguist to perform adequate translations. So why take risks? Entrust your matter to professional translators, contact ‘Polyglot’. We keep up with the times and use up-to-date databases and software.

We value your time and always meet deadlines set for your order
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